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Arab Thinkers Call to Abandon Boycotts and Engage With Israel

It’s a viewpoint that is, to put it mildly, politically incorrect in their home countries, but members of a new Arab council say ostracizing Israel simply doesn’t work.

Powerful Earthquake Shakes Northern Thailand and Rattles Bangkok

The earthquake could be felt hundreds of miles away, and shook high-rises in Bangkok, the Thai capital.

Thich Tri Quang, 95, Galvanizing Monk in South Vietnam, Dies

An orator with “eyes of a tiger,” he helped bring down American-backed governments in Saigon during the Vietnam War and pressed for democratic reforms.

After Disastrous Epstein Interview, Prince Andrew Steps Down From Public Duties

He also said that he was willing to help law enforcement agencies in their investigations, and that he “unequivocally” regrets the “ill-judged association.”

Almaas Elman, Somali-Canadian Activist, Is Shot Dead in Mogadishu

It was not immediately clear who killed Ms. Elman, who was described by friends and colleagues as a committed and tireless aid worker.

Greece Announces Steps to Shut Down Notorious Refugee Camps

The government’s plan to redistribute asylum seekers was presented as a more humane alternative, but it was also clearly intended to deter new arrivals.

Hitler’s Birthplace in Austria to Become a Police Station

The authorities decided to turn the house in Braunau into a law enforcement hub to deter neo-Nazi pilgrims.

Aung San Suu Kyi to Lead Team to Fight Genocide Accusation

Myanmar will send a legal team led by Ms. Suu Kyi to the International Court of Justice to contest an accusation of genocide.

U.K. Conservative Party Scolded for Rebranding Twitter Account

The temporary name change, to ‘factcheckUK,’ was an effort to “mislead people” during an election debate between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn of Labour, Twitter said.

U.S.-India Defense Ties Grow Closer as Shared Concerns in Asia Loom

The countries are wrapping up their most expansive joint military drills to date amid efforts to coordinate more ambitiously on challenges in the Indo-Pacific region.

Malta Arrests Businessman as ‘Person of Interest’ in Journalist’s Killing

Yorgen Fenech was detained aboard his yacht as he tried to leave the country, local reports said. Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed after accusing his businesses of links to corruption.
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