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Billy Porter talks to Billy Eichner about homophobia and transphobia in the Black community

In early June, Billy Porter shared a " message to America " on Instagram Live, in which he addressed homophobia and transphobia in the Black community. On Thursday, Billy Eichner — guest-hosting for Jimmy Kimmel— asked the Pose actor what inspired him to post it. "Growing up gay in the Black community, it's a very homophobic community across the board," Porter says. "With that said, as the worl...

Despite all the death, 'Shadowlands' is a space for growth in 'World of Warcraft'

World of Warcraft ’s eighth expansion, Shadowlands , sits on the edge of reality, throwing high-level players into the realm of the dead after one of the game’s most iconic characters, Sylvanas, tore open the fabric that separated the land of the living and the Shadowlands. A live-streamed developer update on Wednesday detailed some of the experiences players will see in Shadowlands . There are...

'Sex Education' star Aimee Lou Wood on getting through lockdown and how sex on TV is changing

"Sorry about that weird fart noise, it was my fridge, I promise." There are very few celebrities you'd feel comfortable even saying those words aloud to. But Aimee Lou Wood is different. "I did think it sounded like an animal," the Sex Education star replies, unfazed by the prolonged groaning noises emitted by my fridge during our phone call, and deeply unbothered by the myriad technical diffic...

'Deadly Premonition 2' is a fantastic mystery wrapped up in an ugly game

Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise is a conflicting experience. On one hand, the game’s narrative revolving around the mysterious murder of a young woman in a small Louisiana town is deeply intriguing with its constant twists and surprises that spin an ever-widening web of sadism, death, and terror until the very end. On the other hand, the game looks and plays like shit. As the seque...

'The Old Guard' is a slick and smart action blockbuster from Netflix

If nothing else, The Old Guard on Netflix is a great reminder of how satisfying it is to see Charlize Theron kick some ass. But make no mistake: There's plenty more to commend about director Gina Prince-Bythewood's take on the comic from Greg Rucka, which he also adapted here for film. Theron stars as Andromache of Scythia (Andy for short), the leader of a squad of immortal warriors who have sp...

10 of the best podcasts for horror fans

Horror and podcasting are like a match made in heaven (or rather hell), harkening back to times when we used to tell ghost stories around a campfire. The connection between horror and podcasts arguably dates back to one of humanity's oldest and most universal traditions. Listening to people tell scary stories was a staple of oral storytelling, and the technological evolution of podcasting has o...

Jon Stewart chats to Desus and Mero about the worst kind of Zoom people

Mastering your Zoom background on a video call can be a fine art. Obviously you can go for the custom option ( here are 15 we made specially, and here are some strange stock images if you're feeling particularly edgy), but if you're in a professional setting you may have to go down a more traditional route. The thing is, as Jon Stewart discusses with Desus and Mero in the video above, people pa...

Make delicious apps in record time with this compact pizza oven

TL;DR: Cook and heat up your food in multiple batches with the Ronco® Pizza & More™ oven for $54.99, a 8% savings as of July 10. Free shipping is included. Can we all agree that the only thing better than takeout pizza and wings is homemade pizza and wings? But whether you’re prepping some quick bites for an easy weeknight dinner or hosting a low-key get-together, nobody wants to deal with comp...

This super smart scale does everything you wish your Apple Watch could do

TL;DR: Get personalized body measurements and insights with Innotech's Bluetooth 4.0 smart scale, BMI analyzer and health monitor for $41.99, a 39% savings as of July 10. Fitness trackers are cool, sure, but have you ever set foot on a smart scale? Yeah, yeah, we know: The latest wellness trend is (rightfully) ditching the scale. No one needs to weight-shame themselves on a daily basis. But, if...

Step up your WFH game with a little help from these crash courses

TL;DR: Boost your productivity and more with the WFH Like a Pro bundle for $29.99, a 97% savings as of July 10. Believe it or not, you can work from home with just three items: a computer, an internet connection, and power. But that's just the bare minimum. If you're working from home long term (as many of us are), you'll need a bit more than that – like a dedicated workspace , a VPN , and some...

Explore the IoT and work on DIY projects with these hands-on courses

TL;DR: Jump into the robotics world with the Complete IoT and Hardware e-book and video course bundle for $29.99, a 96% savings as of July 10. Devices are getting smarter. From home automation systems, to speakers that can answer your questions , to fully-functional robots, the Internet of Things revolution is fully upon us. And in order for us to keep up, we need to educate ourselves. This Com...

How 'The Last of Us Part II' fails its women protagonists

This article contains spoilers for The Last of Us , The Last of Us Part II , and Left Behind. With two daughters starring as the lead protagonists, you’d think The Last of Us Part II would be a game about daughters. But it isn't. Instead, it only purports to be about Ellie and Abby, all while reducing both women's lives to revolving entirely around their fathers. Far from revolutionary, Last of...

Netflix's 'Down to Earth with Zac Efron' is great if you *love* Zac Efron

I didn’t understand plate tectonics until Zac Efron explained them to me. Sure, I’m a 24-year-old woman living in the earthquake capital of the United States, and who, unlike many of my peers, actually paid attention in seventh grade science class. And yes, I may have completed numerous environmental science and geology courses to fulfill my bachelors degree requirements in college. But still, ...

Try full access to this secure VPN for under $1

TL;DR: A one-year subscription to PureVPN is on sale for $6.49 per month as of July 10, saving you 40% on list price. They're also offering a 7-day trial for $0.99. The thing with VPNs is that there are always plenty of deals to consider. You should never pay list price for a VPN . You can find discounted plans for pretty much every service on offer, but that doesn't mean you should just jump i...

Secure a lifetime subscription to this VPN for just 30

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is on sale for £30 as of July 10, saving you 85% on list price. Don’t have a VPN ? Here's your cue: get one now before it’s too late. Sorry not sorry for waxing dramatic, but if you’ve seen shows like Black Mirror and Mr. Robot , then you’re aware of the possibility that society is morphing into a tech dystopia in which it’s always open ...
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