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Asylum seekers launch legal challenge against their removal from UK

Group due to be flown out this week as Home Office targets those who arrived in small boats A group of asylum seekers due to be flown out of the UK this week in a Home Office operation targeting people who arrived on small boats have launched a mass legal challenge to their removal, the Guardian has learned. Up to 20 people are due to be removed on the charter flight on Wednesday, the first since the coronavirus lockdown to specifically target asylum seekers who have crossed the Channel from ...

Don't be fooled by the myth of a 'migrant invasion' | Daniel Trilling

The government’s authoritarian posturing ignores the facts about asylum seekers coming to Britain An invasion is what happens when a state uses military force to violently enter another country. It does not look at all like the recent images of small groups of people , many from countries that have themselves been invaded or bombed, crossing an international border in search of asylum. And yet the rhetoric of invasion has returned to British politics amid a growing moral panic over people cro...

Covid to displace more than a million across the Sahel, new tool predicts

Software hailed as a ‘game-changer’ in providing early warning for humanitarian relief efforts as virus fuels conflict Coronavirus is predicted to push more than 1 million people from their homes across the Sahel, creating havoc in an already highly fragile region, according to new forecasting software. Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger and Nigeria in west Africa are predicted to see displacement as a ...

Lost on the frontline: US healthcare workers who died fighting Covid-19

Hundreds of people in the healthcare system have died fighting Covid-19. We count them and investigate why Continue reading...

Slaughter of Australian cattle in Indonesia investigated after distressing video released

Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council CEO says killings in the video are inappropriate and unacceptable Federal agencies are investigating the slaughter of Australian cattle in the Indonesian province of Aceh after distressing new video footage emerged. Animals Australia on Friday made a complaint to the department of agriculture about the alleged breaches at two facilities which the activist group said involved practices first exposed in 2011. The footage was gathered in late July and earl...

I'm a shielder who's been out for the first time. How do I stay safe? | Pippa Kent

Shielding rules were relaxed in England on 1 August, but I’m not rushing to the shops or beach any time soon Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage I am one of those people who were told that from 1 August we no longer needed to shield to protect ourselves from the coronavirus. While you might assume that, having been trapped inside our homes for the past 18 weeks, we wou...

Let us honor our healthcare workers by giving them the protection they need | Andy Slavitt

As the Guardian/KHN database shows, too many have given their lives to keep us safe – but with decisive action we can stop Covid-19 in its tracks They chose not to hold their own children’s hands so they could hold ours. They intubated us and kept our ICU rooms germ-free. They brushed our teeth and switched our position so we could be more comfortable. As they always have, they put our health first, although this time it was in place of their own. Related: A public servant from Queens, a Nava...

Richie Mawson was a beloved dad and Liverpool fan. Did a late lockdown cost him his life?

On the day the WHO declared a pandemic, 52,000 fans – including 3,000 from Spain – piled into Anfield to watch the Reds play Atlético. Weeks later, the city was a Covid-19 hotspot. The family of one victim explain why they need answers No one knows for sure when Richard “Richie” Mawson contracted coronavirus, but, if his family were to guess, they would say it was related to the Champions Leagu...

Love you to death: how we hurt the animals we cherish

Something has gone badly wrong with the way we keep pets. Our casual cruelties are a symptom of our unhealthy relationship with other species. By Esther Woolfson I must have been about four when we drove to buy a dog. The day is now only a haze of Sunday afternoon impressions of rain and green, of the muddy track somewhere in the Stirlingshire countryside, a room, a log fire, and the two chosen...

Downfall: BP worker sacked for Hitler meme wins $200,000 in compensation

BP ordered to pay Western Australia oil refinery worker for lost wages, after his parody of bosses got him fired An oil refinery worker who was sacked for creating a Hitler parody of his bosses has been awarded $200,000 in compensation. The employee, a technician on a BP refinery in Western Australia, was sacked after he used an oft-parodied scene from the 2004 film Downfall by Oliver Hirschbiegel about the final days of Hitler and Nazi Germany to depict his bosses during a tense wage negotia...

Love of Stilton drives wedge between UK and Japan in post-Brexit trade talks

Consensus crumbles after Liz Truss reportedly sought to make the cheese a part of negotiations Having promised to rush through a post- Brexit trade deal, Japan and Britain made significant progress only to discover that the fate of Stilton has driven a wedge between them. During recent talks in London, international trade secretary Liz Truss and the Japanese foreign minister, Toshimitsu Motegi, reached a “substantial” preliminary agreement on trade, promising to conclude a preliminary deal by...

'The next Hong Kong': Taiwan's foreign minister sounds warning over China

Joseph Wu tells visiting US health secretary Taiwan lives under constant threat of its freedoms being quashed by Beijing China is trying to turn Taiwan into another Hong Kong, the island’s foreign minister warned on Tuesday as he met with a senior US official making a historic diplomatic trip. A crackdown on dissent in Hong Kong has gathered pace since China imposed a sweeping security law on the financial hub in June, with opposition politicians disqualified and activists arrested. Continue ...

Global report: coronavirus cases pass 20m as WHO points to 'green shoots of hope'

US considers blocking infected citizens returning; Australian outbreak trends down; Singapore economy plunges 43% Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Nearly five months to the day since the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic, Covid-19 infections have passed 20 million cases. In acknowledging the milestone, the health body’s chief warned against despair, saying if the virus could be suppressed effectively, “we can safely open up societies”. Global ca...

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya: from 'Chernobyl child' in Ireland to political limelight

Host Henry Deane remembers Belarus’s opposition leader arriving in Roscrea at the age of 12 Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, the woman who has been catapulted into political stardom in Belarus by her push to dislodge the man often referred to as Europe’s last dictator , may be an accidental challenger, standing in Sunday’s presidential election only because her opposition activist husband Sergei was arr...

Hong Kong's Apple Daily vows to fight on after arrest of Jimmy Lai

Readers queued for hours to get a copy of the pro-democracy tabloid, as US secretary of state says China has ‘eviscerated Hong Kong’s freedoms’ Hong Kong’s Apple Daily tabloid has responded with defiance to the arrest of owner Jimmy Lai under a new national security law imposed by Beijing, promising to “fight on” in a front-page headline above an image of Lai being detained.. Readers queued from the early hours to get a copy of the pro-democracy paper a day after police raided its offices and...
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