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Over 400 Australian Retailers Now Accept Bitcoin As Payment

A partnership between Crypto.com, tech firm DataMesh and gas chain OTR is enabling customers to use bitcoin as payment in hundreds of stores in Australia.

How The Early Days Of The Internet Is Similar To Building On Bitcoin

Understanding how the internet protocol was built using layers can help paint a picture of the Bitcoin network and how it can develop in a similar fashion.

Is BlackRock's Partnership With Coinbase Good For Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is for everyone, including enemies, so BlackRock offering bitcoin services to their clients is ultimately a good thing for bitcoin adoption.

Americans Just Don’t Understand The Importance Of Bitcoin

Living in Russia during the collapse of the Soviet Union makes the importance of bitcoin’s properties obvious to anyone who tried to protect their wealth.

Bitcoin Is A Currency Of Love That Inspires Action For Peace

Bitcoin was created as an act of love by Satoshi for the world, which is why it continues to promote the same selflessness.

Bitcoin Is The New Retirement Strategy

Secure in custody and monetary policy, Bitcoin is the retirement asset capable of withstanding the challenges of the future.

Unpacking The “Lummis-Gillibrand Responsible Financial Innovation Act”

A line-by-line analysis and critique of the recently proposed bill to regulate “digital assets.” To say it’s misguided is an understatement.

Monochrome Eyes Spot Bitcoin ETF In Australia, U.S. Lags Behind

The fund’s responsible entity partner received unique licensure which will give investors more transparent and direct exposure to bitcoin through a spot ETF.

NFL Team Houston Texans Now Accepts Bitcoin For Single Game Suites

Fans of the team will be able to purchase single game suites with bitcoin and BitWallet will convert the cryptocurrency to fiat for the Texans.

Bitcoin Ekasi: The Township One Year Later

Modeled after Bitcoin Beach, a South African township attests to the opportunities of a bootstrapped bitcoin economy.

Bitcoin Miner Riot Q2 Update Underscores Market Conditions, Holds Over 6,000 BTC

The company still holds a large treasury and ramped up its infrastructure through a $14 million bitcoin sale and dumping over 30 million shares onto the market.

The Base, Bull And Bear Cases For Bitcoin Returns In 2022

Analyzing Federal Reserve policy decisions in addition to data from the purchasing managers’ index can give us three scenarios for the bitcoin price.

Making Lifelong Friendships Through Common Ground In Bitcoin

Bitcoiners often share similar values and are out to achieve the same mission. This alignment creates strong relationships with people from around the world.

Getting Stuff For Free Costs A Fortune

While many people cheered their stimulus checks, those same people are unaware of the long-term price they’re paying for endlessly increasing monetary units.

Bitcoin Is Mathematically Perfect With Patterns Of The Universe

There are mathematical patterns throughout Bitcoin that repeatedly result in the numbers 3, 6 and 9, which show it may be the key to the universe.
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