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Galaxy Fold units keep mysteriously breaking, while the iPhone XS survives a shark bite

3:07 » BGR
If you've paid attention to tech industry news to any degree over the past day or two, you're no doubt aware that Samsung is dealing with a bit of unpleasant scrutiny at the moment over reports of early units of its forthcoming Galaxy Fold phone m...

Let’s put a stop to this iPhone 11 ‘black-lens’ camera nonsense

1:27 » BGR
A trusted Apple insider earlier this week shared additional details about the upcoming iPhone 11 series of phones, focusing on the camera upgrades the iPhone maker has reportedly planned. Among the details Ming-Chi Kuo offered was a claim that som...

Apple Loop: Powerful New iPhone Expected, MacBook Keyboard Problems, Apple's Embarrassing Surrender

1:16 » Forbes
This week’s Apple Loop includes Tim Cook’s surrender to Qualcomm, updated plans for the iPhone 5G, hiding the ugly iPhone design, a sequel to the iPhone SE, more MacBook keyboard problems, and an expensive gaming problem for Apple.

Ruská luxusní značka ukazuje Applu, jak má vypadat skládací iPhone

1:05 » Technet.cz
Aby udržel krok s konkurencí, bude muset i Apple dříve či později představit skládací iPhone. Podle ruské lifestylové značky Caviar však jeho současným modelům schází inovace a revoluční nápady. Rozhodla se proto lidem z Cupertina ukázat, jak by h...

Samsung offers instant $300 discount on any Galaxy S10 phone with qualified trade

0:42 » PhoneArena
Samsung's $550 trade-in deal for the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10+ is over. But that doesn't mean that Samsung doesn't have a deal for you. If you have a qualified trade to give Samsung, you can get $300 instantly removed from the price...

French Government Releases In-house IM App To Replace WhatsApp and Telegram Use

23:31 » Slashdot
A year ago, the French government unveiled its plan to build its own encrypted messenger service to ease fears that foreign entities could spy on private conversations between top officials. That app, named Tchap, is now official for Android hands...

How to change your Facebook password on iPhone

23:09 » 9to5Mac
Want to know how to quickly change your Facebook password on iPhone? Read on below for how to do it in three easy steps. more… The post How to change your Facebook password on iPhone appeared first on 9to5Mac .

LG's future flagships could carry three front-facing cameras

22:57 » PhoneArena
The LG G8 ThinQ has two front-facing cameras Triple-camera setups are all the rage at the moment. The Galaxy S10 has one, the Huawei P30 & LG V40 ThinQ do too, and even Apple’s next-gen iPhones could gain an extra camera. But what about triple sel...

People are saying Foxconn’s CEO just leaked the iPhone 11

22:34 » BGR
If you visit BGR with any frequency, you know that we love a good iPhone leak as much as any other website. Not every leak, render, and report pans out, but they typically help us form a rough outline of what to expect from Apple when it finally u...

Siri Shortcuts, Screen Time, and iMessage Screen Effects Coming to macOS This Year

21:03 » MacRumors
iOS apps and features including Shortcuts, Screen Time, and iMessage effects will be coming to macOS later this year, after they're first unveiled at Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference in June. The information was shared today by 9to5Mac 's ...
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