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You could soon answer your door to find an Apple iPhone 8 staring you in the face

6:23 » PhoneArena
Every ten years the U.S. government collects information from each household for the census. This year, the census takers' jobs will involve collecting data on approximately 300 million Americans currently living in 140 million households. And tha...

2020 iPad Pro May Not Have a U1 Ultra Wideband Chip After All

6:23 » MacRumors
While it was previously reported that all 2020 iPad Pro models feature the same Apple-designed U1 chip as the iPhone 11 lineup, enabling Ultra Wideband support, we have compiled evidence to suggest that this may not be the case. As a reminder, App...

Supposed 'iPhone 9' leak again suggests handset will share design with iPhone 8

4:27 » AppleInsider
Another day, another "iPhone SE 2" accessory leak. An alleged photograph of what appears to be Target's merchandise stocking system reveals an unreleased Zagg screen protector compatible with iPhone 6, 7, 8 and an as-yet-unreleased "iPhone 9."

Tile Claims Apple's Anticompetitive Behavior Has 'Gotten Worse, Not Better'

3:30 » MacRumors
Apple's anticompetitive behaviors have gotten worse over the course of the last few months rather than better, Tile claimed in a congressional panel today, reports Reuters . Executives from Tile, PopSockets, Sonos, and Basecamp in January testifie...

U.S. census employees will trade paper forms for 500,000 iPhone 8 handsets this year

3:18 » AppleInsider
It's a census year in the U.S., which means that hundreds of thousands of enumerators will soon be going door-to-door. But instead of a pen and clipboard this year, they may be equipped with a familiar device.

Apple lets Amazon rent movies inside Prime Video's iPhone app

2:09 » Engadget
Apple s insistence on taking a 30 percent cut of most in-app purchases (and running those purchases through the App Store) has led to many media providers simply removing direct purchases altogether. Just ask anyone shopping for e-books at third...

Apple will stop taking cut of some Amazon video purchases on App Store

1:46 » Reuters
Apple Inc said on Wednesday it would stop taking a cut of some sales for "qualifying" streaming video services on iPhones and other Apple devices, including Amazon.com's Prime Video.

Apple's Orders for iPhone 12 Components Complicated by Unclear Consumer Demand

1:46 » MacRumors
Amid the ongoing pandemic in the United States and other countries, Apple is continuing to forge ahead with work on its upcoming iPhone 12 devices, which are expected to feature 5G connectivity, new 3D cameras, and other features. With travel rest...

New iPhone 9 Surprise As Apple’s Ambitious Plans Revealed

1:34 » Forbes
Apple is preparing to release the iPhone 9 later this month, with a launch event on April 15th before hitting retail one week later on April 22nd.

Apple resorts to video calls with factory workers to prevent 'iPhone 12' delays

1:34 » AppleInsider
Apple's U.S.-based engineering team is reportedly "scrambling" to prevent delays of the company's rumored 5G iPhones, which are expected to debut this fall.

T-Mobile Swallows Sprint, Leaving 3 US Cellphone Giants

1:11 » Wired
Consumer advocates fear that the deal will lead to reduced competition and higher prices. But regulators and a federal judge let it proceed.

WSJ: Apple ‘scrambling’ to prevent iPhone delays amid COVID-19 pandemic

0:59 » 9to5Mac
Over the last several weeks, various reports have detailed how Apple is adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the supply chain and product development. Now, a report from The Wall Street Journal adds more detail to the ongoing situa...
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