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Epic’s iOS App Captures Facial Animations In Real-Time For Unreal Engine

5:29 » Forbes
The company behind Unreal Engine, Epic Games, has created a new motion capture app for iOS called Live Link Face. The app allows developers to track facial expressions using the iPhone and map them onto avatars in Unreal Engine in real-time.

iPhone batterygate settlement can now be claimed by eligible users

4:44 » SlashGear
A little over two years ago, Apple faced one of its highest-profile scandals that wasn’t related to privacy, security, or even monopoly. It was, instead, about how it silently started throttling older iPhones in order to preserve and extend their ...

Apple paid Samsung a $950 million penalty after buying fewer OLED panels than expected

4:20 » BGR
Apple paid Samsung $950 million after purchasing fewer OLED displays than anticipated during Q2. The payout suggests that iPhone sales during the June quarter will be quite low. Some analysts believe the forthcoming iPhone 12 release will help App...

iOS 14: Here are 7 ways iPhone is improving as a camera

1:59 » 9to5Mac
Although Apple didn’t mention it during WWDC 2020 last month, iOS 14 brings improvements and new options to the iPhone camera. This includes faster shots, an option to use the volume up button to control Burst Mode, and even QuickTake available fo...

How to get your cut of Apple’s $500 million ‘Batterygate’ settlement

1:23 » BGR
Apple agreed to pay up to $500 million to settle a class-action lawsuit over "batterygate," which involved older iPhone models having their performance throttled to improve battery health. The announcement came in March, and the website for the se...

These 6 features in iOS 14 will make you love your iPhone more. You'll see why - CNET

0:59 » CNET
Apple's public beta is here. We'll show you how to use these top new tools on your iPhone now, or when the final iOS 14 update arrives.

Report: Apple faces nearly $1 billion penalty from Samsung for ordering too few OLED screens

0:47 » 9to5Mac
Apple has reportedly made another payment to Samsung for selling too few iPhones. According to a new report from Display Supply Chain Consultants , Apple made a one-time payment of $950 million to Samsung for purchasing fewer OLED iPhone displays ...

How to Claim a $25 Credit in the 'iPhone Throttling' Lawsuit

0:22 » Lifehacker
Remember back in 2017, when Apple came out and admitted that it was throttling iOS devices with degraded batteries ? The decision—which the company claimed was all about improving battery life —led to a class-action lawsuit and an eventual $500 mi...

SoftBank mulls sale of Arm Holdings, could Apple be a potential buyer?

0:09 » 9to5Mac
SoftBank is mulling a potential sale of chip designer Arm Holdings, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal . Apple licenses technology from Arm Holdings for the A-series processors used in the iPhone and iPad, as well as the upcomi...
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