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Activists criticize new anti-violence campaign in Mexico

Activists in Mexico are criticizing a new government ad campaign on violence against women, saying it is outdated and minimizes the problem

Libya traffickers kill 30 migrants in alleged revenge attack

Tripoli authorities say the family of a slain Libyan human trafficker attacked a group of migrants in a town that recently changed hands amid the fighting over the country’s capital, killing 26 Bangladeshi and four African migrants

EU renews Syria sanctions with conflict in its 10th year

The European Union is prolonging its sanctions against Syrian President Bashar Assad and his associates for a year over the continued crackdown on the civilian population

French way of life to resume with restaurants reopening

The French way of life is set to largely resume next week, with most virus-related restrictions eased, as the country prepares for the summer holiday season amid the crisis

Australian jailed for 2007 stabbing free to leave Bulgaria

An Australian man released after serving 11 years in a Bulgarian prison over a fatal stabbing is free to return home following a decision by the country’s highest court which refused to send him back to prison

Regional court orders Panama to protect migrants' health

A regional human rights court has ordered Panama’s government to immediately provide medical care and more sanitary conditions for some 2,000 migrants detained near the Colombian border

Kosovo’s caretaker governing party holds peaceful rally

A few thousand supporters of Kosovo’s left-wing governing party have opposed the president's nomination of a new prime minister by surrounding parliament, the main government building and the presidential offices

Rwandan sentenced to life in prison for key role in genocide

A Rwandan court has sentenced to life in prison one of the most wanted men in the country’s 1994 genocide in which more than 800,000 ethnic Tutsis and Hutus who tried to protect them were killed

UK will extend HK visa rights if China pursues security law

The British government says t it will grant hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong residents greater visa rights if China doesn’t scrap a planned new security law for the semi-autonomous territory

Burundi opposition candidate goes to court to challenge vote

Burundi’s top opposition leader has gone to the constitutional court to challenge the results of this month’s presidential election, alleging the vote was rigged in favor of the ruling party candidate

AP PHOTOS: Brazil drive-in, a welcome escape from pandemic

A drive-in cinema in Brazil is allowing people to indulge in one of the few diversions allowed in the age of social distancing

IKEA manager charged for firing Pole over anti-gay remarks

A Polish prosecutor has charged an IKEA manager with violating the religious rights of an employee sacked for voicing strong objections, within the company, to a corporate event supporting tolerance for LGBT people last year

AP Week in Pictures, Middle East

This photo gallery highlights some of the most compelling images made or published by Associated Press photographers in the Middle East, Afghanistan & Pakistan Region between May 21-27, 2020. This week’s selection from across the region includes scenes of tragic loss, a subdued holiday and sparks of hope — from a plane crash in Pakistan that killed 97 people and brought shock and grief, to Isra...

Israeli PM: Palestinians in Jordan Valley won't be citizens

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Palestinians living in the Jordan Valley will remain in what he described as an “enclave" after Israel annexes the territory and will not be granted Israeli citizenship
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