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AP PHOTOS: Editor selections from Latin America, Caribbean

AP PHOTOS: Ecuador's president cancels austerity package, thousands trek up a Venezuelan mountainside for rituals, and a revered Cuban ballerina dies

Trudeau could lose power in Canada's election Monday

Once a rock star on the global stage, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau could lose office in national elections in Canada on Monday

Pakistan silences army's critics with raids, terror charges

A dozen plainclothes Pakistani security forces tried to raid the former home of a human rights activist who recently fled to the United States seeking asylum

Russia: 3 US diplomats stopped near explosion area

Russia's foreign ministry says police stopped three American diplomats trying to enter an area of northern Russia where a secrecy-shrouded explosion at a navy range caused a brief spoke in radioactivity levels

China's quarterly economy growth sinks to 6%, a 26-year low

China's quarterly economic growth sinks to 6%, lowest in at least 26 years, amid tariff war with Washington and weakening domestic consumer demand

Apples rot on trees as Kashmir strife inflicts economic pain

Apples are rotting and falling off the trees as the strife in Indian-controlled Kashmir strife inflicts more economic pain

Gunfight rages in capital of Mexico's Sinaloa state

An extended gun battle with large-caliber weapons has unfolded in the streets of Mexico's Sinaloa state capital

New Zealand sale announcement highlights TV's struggles

New Zealand broadcaster MediaWorks has announced it plans to sell its struggling television business, leaving hundreds of workers wondering if they will still have jobs if a buyer can't be found

Crude oil reaches tourist beach in the 'Brazilian Caribbean'

Crude oil contaminating the northeastern coast of Brazil reached the town of Maragogi, one of the region's main tourist beaches

Syrian Kurdish-led force says it will abide by cease-fire

The commander of Kurdish-led forces in Syria says they will abide by a cease-fire agreement announced in Turkey by U.S. Vice President Mike Pence

Soldiers ordered be re-arrested in army massacre: Mexican court

A court in Mexico has ordered the re-arrest of seven soldiers charged with abuse of authority for a 2014 army massacre

Mexico breaks ground on new airport project outside capital

Mexico has broken ground to replace the capital's overtaxed international airport and as an alternative to another one that was scrapped last year after being about a third built

Former Nazi SS guard, 93, going on trial in Hamburg

A 93-year-old former SS private is on trial in Hamburg, Germany on 5,230 counts of being an accessory to murder, accused of helping the Nazis' Stutthof concentration camp function
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